Panorama: Angry America

California, USA

What has propelled the rise of the outspoken rabble-rousing billionaire, Donald Trump?

With Donald Trump poised to become the official Republican candidate for America's presidency, Panorama visits the racially divided town of Bakersfield - a hardcore Republican enclave in the otherwise liberal state of California - and meets the Trump supporters who back his calls to oust 11 million illegal immigrants and ban Muslims from travelling to America.

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Reporter: Hilary Andersson
Camera: Timothy Myers
Producer & Director: Matthew Hill
Projectionist: Jason Sanders
Producer: Regan Morris
Online Editors: Boyd Nagle & Dominic McMahon
Production Manager: Sarah Reddi
Unit Manager: Jessica Cudlipp
Assistant Producer: Eleanor Plowden
Film Editor: Simon Thorne
Editor: Ceri Thomas

July 24, 2016