Our specialty is crafting timeless stories. Whether it be a true-crime documentary, breaking-news event, action sports or lifestyle commercial, our pictures, and our storytelling will engage and captivate your audience.

From the streets of Amman to the peaks of Anchorage, Generation Media, with principal cinematographer Timothy Myers ACS, can work with you as either a turnkey production company, or compliment your crew to create a unique film for broadcast on any platform worldwide.

Since 2005, we've produced and shot a lot of human-interest documentary films, which have included working in remote and hostile environments in the likes of India, Jordan, Chad, Nigeria, Fiji, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Some have involved large teams, but most required a small footprint (due in part to the delicate nature of the location, or good old fashion budgetary constraints). We've become rather proficient at the latter, in providing multiple camera's with fewer people capable of conceptualizing, producing, filming, editing, & delivering. And over the years, we have delivered, to the BBC, CBS, SKY, ABC, CNN, Netflix, Paramount, and the UN.

We enjoy the privilege of making someone feel comfortable in front of the lens. We understand that sometimes the best producing can't be done until you're in the field. We know the need to be flexible, and patient, just as much as in-focus. We know the importance of not just getting the shot, but getting the shot that suits the story. To that end, we'll chase the light, lug the grip, make that connecting flight, and thrive on the challenge.

Generation Media is predominantly based out of Los Angeles and New York, although we have an arsenal of prominent, lauded, and most importantly, trusted, cinematographers, directors, editors, and producers within reach of most major cities around the world. And if we don't, we're no strangers to travel.

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