One Hit Wonder Down Under

Thredbo, Australia

Marrying the world's best skiers with immersive cinematography to revolutionize extreme sports competition

At the top of Thredbo Resort is a ballet of steel and snow. The dancers are huge winch cats and park grooming machines. Their red costumes are vibrant against the white-out that is finally subsiding, ironically on the last day of scheduled competition. The choreography is constant and mesmerizing. Though it isn't the graceful movement that spectators have come to expect from the biggest jump on the AFP World Tour... But as tomorrow's forecast calls for sun, the shoveling and shaping need to be done, because no one is leaving without a finale. Light gusts of wind pepper the cool air as the athletes, those who weathered the blizzard, arrive to see for the first time the perfectly shaped lines of the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air. The park crew have worked tirelessly removing the mountain of excess snow that formed in drifts during the week-long storm. The cloudless sky is the punctuation that today is real, no excuses, jumping will happen, and thus the tension starts to mount. Who will drop-in first...

September 14, 2017