Cloud Break Pictures
Oregon, USA
Maxine Hughes

During one of the most divisive periods of US history, Antifa protesters, militia leaders and the far right Proud Boys risk everything as they fight for what they believe is the true heart of America

Under the Miami sun, Enrique Tarrio, driven by the shocking family history that motivates his fight against the far left, mobilizes his ‘new republican party’, the notorious Proud Boys.

In Portland, Antifa activists Emily and Jaydren build shields to use against the police. Their drive is a personal commitment to fight for what is right, protesting against perceived facsim inherent in the US system and triggered by the deadly instances of police violence that have rocked the United States.

In Georgia, Chris Hill trains his motley crew of III% Militia in the forest, armed to the teeth with assault rifles and live fire ammunition. They feel passionately that their way of life is under threat, and push back on the racist rhetoric placed on them.

The tension rises as Emily and Jaydren launch a protest against police forces that escalates into explosive action in a running battle with federal agents armed with rubber bullets, tear gas and flash bangs.

Armed to the hilt, Chris’ militia face down Antifa in a tense standoff at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Afterwards Emily and Chris agree to meet, the first time Antifa has sat down with a far right militia group.

When the election result is finally given, Chris attends pro-Trump rallies and begins to recruit to his militia, determined to ‘stop the steal’. Meanwhile, Enrique and the Proud Boys have been marching on Washington, but he is arrested for carrying live ammunition in the city and faces a court appearance. On the 6th of Jan, protesters make headlines around the world as pro-Trump supporters storm the Capitol, leaving four people shot and one person dead.

Emily travels to DC for the Biden inauguration. Standing on Black Lives Plaza and encouraged by the liberal crowd around her, there is a sense that there will be change in the US. But as the National Guard fills the city with 15,000 troops, and the FBI warns of violence in over 50 states, the future of the United States remains worryingly uncertain.

Sony PXW-Fs5
ITU-R BT.709
Canon 16-35mm, Canon 24-105mm, Canon 70-200mm L Series
Super 35